The objective of The Society shall be to represent, safeguard and promote the legitimate interests of society or individuals, so as to protect and improve their quality of life, by being enabled to live in a peaceful environment free from noise pollution.

Road Traffic Updates

What is the scope of the EU Motor Vehicles Regulations? To reduce road traffic noise and assure that the quality & safety of the vehicle will be sustained when it is put into service .

A Member State has no power to apply a Regulation incompletely nevertheless; this is what the Maltese Government is doing by choosing the bits to implement irrespective of the adverse effect that such attitude could have on the population.

Neighbourhood  Noise..Updates

NASOM presented an extensive and well researched memorandum to Dr.Herrara, Minister for the Environment. The memorandum underlined the ineffective noise legislation and it included several suggestions, such as re-organisation of the administrative system and the introduction of objective noise criteria; as underlined in the EU legal instruments.

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who is the NASoM secratary. 

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The Commissioner for the Environment, Karmenu Vella, had this to say regarding the implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive [END]

“The recent evaluation under the Commissions' REFIT Programme has shown that the Directive is generally fit for purpose, but needs to be better implemented"

The EEA report in 2017 demonstrated that more than 25 %, that is,  100 million European citizens are affected by high noise levels; > 55dB (A), which negatively impacting their health


In the same period, studies carried out by EEA ,established that chronic noise level exceeds 55dB (A) in 92% of the Maltese Island. Or more realistically, the noise level in the urbanised area is > 55 dB(A)!

Since, 92 % of the population live in the urban area, it is a fact that 432400 [92% of the population] are exposed to chronic noise in excess of 55 dB(A). 


Nevertheless, MEPA/ERA in the ' Noise Maps' indicate that the total number of those exposed to high chronic noise >55 dB(A) is about 36,000 and the area affected is around 36 Km sq. 

Whom would the Commissioner believe, ERA or EEA?


The Association is still waiting a response from the Infrastructure & Transport Minister to discuss the necessary amendments to bring in line the EMCSR to protect the health & wellbeing of the workers on the work site & the residents from the effects of construction noise. [2014/2015]

Guardian Angel

The NGO was invited by the School administration to participate in the LEAF project. Our contribution was to assess the noise levels in the School sensitive areas, before and after deforestation. ...

Those living in the Busbesija area drew an immense breath of satisfaction from the outcome of the proposed shooting range project. 

FAQ Regulations:

Infringement Complaint for the attention of the:

EU  DG Mobility & Transport: Ms Barbara JANKOVEC,

Correspondence of the 18th December 2017, 

Noise pollution complaints:


Valletta open-air Theatre installation of the sound surround system pending since....2014



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