The objective of The Society shall be to represent, safeguard and promote the legitimate interests of society or individuals, so as to protect and improve their quality of life, by being enabled to live in a peaceful environment free from noise pollution.

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Update- Road Transport & Union Law

Vehicle registrations averaging around 9000 vehicles per year


The scope of the EU Motor Vehicles & Motor cycle Regulations is to reduce road traffic noise and assure that the quality & safety of the vehicle will be sustained when it is put into service .



A Member State has no power to apply a Regulation incompletely nevertheless; this is what the Maltese Government is doing by choosing the bits to implement irrespective of the adverse effect that such attitude could have on the population.

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Not much have changed since 2007. The most obvious is the erosion of the natural environment which  is being replaced, by the grey and high rising jungle!

Incorrect application of EU Regulations  

Reports & Correspondence
Main Noise Sources
  • Construction  - Residential, Commercial & infrastructure.  6  days a week from 7am: 5pm
    • Building permits increased by an average of 3000 per year, beginning 2015… 

  • Road transport 06:00 – 21:00

    • Registered vehicle increased by 9000 vehicles per year, beginning 2010…

  • Hospitality and leisure activity (indoors & Outdoors) : 18:00 – 03:00

    • Tourist influx in 2019 - 2.75M, an increase of 1.4M on 2015…

  • Aircraft movement exceeded 50,000 per year in 2019


Other Noise Sources:

  1. Commercial- Services & products

  2. Industry- Manufacturing, processing & production

  3. Civil activities- Local Councils, street celebrations (including parties) & national celebrations

  4. Neighbour noise- Shouting, loud music, loud activities during rest periods

Malta noise scape 
Neighbourhood noise nuisance

NASOM presented a  memorandum to the Minister for the Environment, Dr. J Herrera. The memorandum was intended to highlight the Noise Legislation shortcomings and proposed changes which would prevent and control noise pollution.

The COPL in combination with Business Regulations are the means available, to find respite from the nuisance caused by the playing of Amplified Music from the  leisure Industry.

It happened that , after several warnings the COP order the enforcement of regulations, 4 & 5, as stipulated in the Business Regulation; in regard to the playing of amplified music.  The owner took umbrage and asked for an injunction against the Commissioner to prevent him from closing the catering establishment.

Dr M. DeMarco, Environment Minister during the previous administration;  published a set of regulations in 2012; ‘Neighbourhood Prevention & Control’. These regulations have not been enforced!


The Maltese noise legislation doe not support; noise descriptors, noise threshold and assessment standard. Hence, Our Civil and Criminal Courts remain the most popular route to challenge noise issues from various sources.


Nevertheless, judgments show discrepancy, as at times the courts take a subjective approach and at others, they make reference to international standards such as the WHO guidelines on community noise. 

Proposed legislation:
tourist 03.jpg

Tourism increased by more than 500,000 in 3 years from 2.2M to 2.7 M in 2019 

More than 52,000 flights were registered at the MIA in 2019. An increase of  9000 flights on  2017.

During 2019, the population density in the prime tourism area  ,increased by an average of 63%  

During 2019, 83,00 English language students visited Malta 
Selection of Noise surveys carried by NASoM
Mount St Joseph – Shooting ranges

Our team appealing against the location of a national shooting range next door to mount St Joseph Retreat House is conducting thorough research into the technicalities of shooting ranges, noise abatement measures and international regulations and recommendations. Mapping of the proposed shooting ranges area & the position of the nearest NSR- 


MSJ Team - The Noise Abatement Society of Malta recently wrote a feature which was published in the Times, containing pertinent information. We thank them for their initiative…Read on

 -                                    - The NGO was invited by the School administration to participate in the LEAF project. Our contribution was to assess the noise levels in the School sensitive areas, before and after deforestation - download the noise survey. ...

To study if the Noise from the restaurant extraction system is effecting the Sensitive Receptors and assess if complaints are justified 

Open-Air Theatre -To study if the noise from loud music played at the in Valletta Open-Air Theatre is affecting the NSR and if a complaint is justified....
Loud Music played by Catering Establishments- To study if the noise from loud music played by Catering Establishments is affecting the Sensitive Receptors and whether a complaint is justified.
Selection of Noise pollution articles:
Noise nuisance - Need to know

Noise pollution complaints:


Valletta open-air Theatre installation of the sound surround system pending since....2014


Zejtun Song Festival relocated to non- residential area

Fgura Tal Kalkara mini industrial area

Hamrun Malta Dairy Products

Bugibba  -Type of Licence

San Gwann Avifilm - Court ruled in favour of receptor

Shooting ranges @ MSJ

Loud Music from  Leisure establishments in St George's Bay

Noise nuisance from the Strait St.  Bars

HPS Scrap yard noise nuisance - Zabbar

Salisbury Bar noise nuisance - Sliema

Xemxija The Fortress restaurant loud music

Noise from Waste Collector -Amery St. Sliema

Noise nuisance from Mosta Band Club 

Noise Nuisance from Sliema Band Club bar

Noise nuisance from St Julian's Restaurant

Noise from Naxxar Supermarket