Noise Control Legislation

  • OPM

  • Minister for the Environment

  • Ministry Transport & Infrastructure

  • Ministry for Social Dialogue

  • Ministry for Justice

  • Ministry for the Economy

  • Ministry for Tourism

  • Ministry for home affairs

  • Authority For Transport in Malta Act

  • Malta Travel & Tourism Act

  • Env. Protection Act

  • Env. & Development Planning Act

  • Building Reg. Act

  • Trading Licence Act

  • Occupation Health & Safety Act

  • Code of Police Law

  • Criminal Code

  • Motor Vehicles Reg. SL 65.11

  • MVR Test Reg. 65.15 **

  • Pedal and Low-Powered Cycles 365/2012 **

  • Recreational Craft Reg. 128/2005 *

  • Env Mgmt. Cons. Site Reg. LN 295/2007

  • Machinery Reg., L.N. 147/ 2009

  • Catering Establishment Reg. L.N.409.15

  • Trading Licence Reg. LN 420/2016

  • Business Hours S.L.441.08

  • Prot. from Noise @ place of work LN 158/2006 *

  • Maint. of good Order  S. L. 10.40

  • L.N. 193/ 2004 (END)

  • Industrial Uses  L.N. 74 /2014




The above tabulation depicts the legislative structure for the management of noise. Monitoring of the regulation is the remit of twelve entities responsible to eight Ministries. Nevertheless enforcement, as a rule, is the domain of the Police. Since, noise nuisance is not at the top of the law & order administration a just-in-time solution is never possible.


Furthermore, a noise level criterion is not included in the above regulations, with the exception of LN 158/2006. Hence, the evaluation of the noise nuisance is subjective and therefore unreliable to bring a satisfactory solution.

** The acceptable noise levels in the respective Regulations run counter to the EU Regulations


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