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Guardian Angel Secondary School

Guardian Angel Secondary Education Resource Centre


Guardian Angel Secondary Education Resource Centre is a Centre for children with severe learning difficulties. Originally designed to take 40 students in 1963, it was extended in 1969 and in 1972 and presently caters for students aged between 11 and 16


The environment of the School is unique compared to mainstream schools.  It has ample grounds divided into play areas and open spaces within which many trees, shrubs and seasonal flowers grow.


The NGO was invited by the School administration to participate in the LEAF project. Our contribution was to assess the noise levels in the School sensitive areas, before and after deforestation.


The main source of noise was from the Road Traffic traversing the Santa Venera/Marsa bypass. The deforestation removed several trees that were between the noise source and the classrooms.


In the first phase NASoM conducted a noise survey to evaluate the noise levels in the School’s sensitive areas.


The second phase was a presentation of the survey result to the School’s staff, explaining in detail the findings of the survey. This was followed by a discussion about the adverse effects of noise pollution and mitigation action to protect the sensitive areas from noise pollution.


It is the ninth occasion that we had the opportunity to share our experience, with others in the education sector; raising noise awareness and if possible reduces its effects.


Children, noise and health

Impairment of early childhood development and education caused by noise may have lifelong effects on academic achievement and health.


WHO recommends a maximum noise level of 35 dB in Schools. As a rule of thumb, maximum noise level of 55 dB is recommended during the daytime. Noise levels between 60 and 65 dB are considered uncomfortable.

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