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Comment about Traffic noise:


With roads getting wider and longer, motor vehicles while on the increase also getting larger, both in the case of cars and trucks, there is no doubt that, the noise generated by traffic is rising to an alarming levels. On the other hand, the authorities to dampen noise generated by traffic are doing little.









Over Europe, sound barriers are used alongside motorways. This may start to be considered on specific roads, a good example would be the coast road. Currently a two-lane road that will be shortly increased to four lanes. Traffic will increase and so will noise. Noise levels, at residences in the area are already high exceeding 65dB (A) and peaking at above 80dB (A) with heavy vehicles. Like the Coast Road, there are other affected areas.
Is anything being done to curb this problem?

During the summer months Bars, Hotels, clubs, parks create outdoor events. Music is very often is heard across the bay and often even extended to late hours. Reporting to police is often useless as little to no action is taken. Furthermore, residents have the increased inconvenience of having to appear in court as witnesses to the police, only for the culprit to be fined €25 if anything at all.  A resident taking the establishment to court is a very expensive exercise, which can last years. Stricter penalties need to be imposed to safeguard the livelihood of residents. What is being done?

Doughnuts !! It has now become common in many areas with such vehicles touring our beaches with a loud speaker above the van. Visiting beaches and other public areas at top volume. It is similar small issues that increase Noise in certain areas eg ice cream vans, gas distributors etc. Is this practice within the boundaries of law ? 


Kenneth G.Borda

Issues discussed in the Forum:


Noise from the neighbouring homes, loud music, loud TV, Shouting

Loud music from Moving & Parked Vehicles

Loud music from bars, which are in residential areas

Change of activity of the original permit; from club to disco

Playing of Amplified music in clubs

Industrial activity carried out in garages, which are situated in residential areas

Amplified music heard from open-air disco

Sounding of pneumatic horns from the hawkers vehicles

Racing of cars & motor cycles in residential areas



The Forum, hosted on the 24 October  was a success. It was well attended. The audiance  participated in the debate about the various topics.


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