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Who are we?


NASoM," (Noise Abatement Society of Malta)

Ghaqda ta’ Azzjoni kontra li-Storbju", is a voluntary, non-profit making, non-governmental, non-political, organisation which was founded on the 22nd October 2010.


The Association is registered with the CVO; VO/0342  and enrolled as a legal person.





The NGO is to safeguard and promote the legitimate interests of society to protect it from the adverse effect to the health & wellbeing caused by noise pollution.



Raise nationwide awareness as to why and how noise is of adverse effect to the health & wellbeing.


Distribute information & resources to bring, whenever possible, a just- in- time solution to those suffering from noise pollution.


Act as a pressure group at both local and national level to safeguard and promote the legitimate interests of society.


Where possible cooperate with the authorities or other organizations to find solutions to mutual benefit.


Establish networks with environmental, professional and other organizations engaged to reduce noise pollution


What we are doing?


Raising awareness about the negative impact of noise:

  • Presentation to students, teachers & parents, the topic; noise is detractor & a stressor 

  • Presentations to to Local Councils , NGOs & Civic organizations the topics; Health, Regulations & Responsibility

  • TV & radio talk shows topics; various

  • Forums, consequence of unregulated noise pollution

  • Letters & Articles to local newspapers

  • Facebook, foreign & Local news & references

  • Assistance to those suffering from noise nuisance, approx receive 160 calls through the website per annum.  

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