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Noise Management Structure


A    Authority For Transport in Malta

B    Malta Travel & Tourism Act

C    Environment Protection Act

D    Environment & Development Planning Act

E     Building Regulation Act

F     Trading Licence Act

G     Occupation Health & Safety Act

H     Code of Police Law

I      Criminal Code

J      Animal Welfare Act



A.  Motor Vehicles Reg. SL 65.11

     a.  Motor Vehicle Roadworthiness Test Regulation

B.  Catering Establishment Regulations

C.  National Environment Policy

D.  Assessment & Management of Environmental Noise

E.  Environmental Management Cons. Site Regulations

F.  Trading Licence Regulations L.N.420/2016,

     Business Hrs Reg.S.L.441.08/2017

G.  Protection from Noise Exposure @ the place of work



A   Authority for Transport in Malta

       a    Directorate for VRT

B    Malta T & Tourist Services

C.   ERA

D.   ERA

E.    Building Regulation Office

F.    Trading Licence Unit

G.    OHSA

H     Police

I.     Police

J.     Animal Welfare Department

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