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How to Avoid from creating Noise nuisance to your Neighbours

Consideration to your neighbour:


Site noisy household equipment (e.g. washing machines) away from partition walls

When buying a new household appliance, ask how noisy it is. If people opt for quiet appliances, manufacturers will make them!

Perform noisy DIY jobs during normal waking hours. Apologise to neighbours in advance for disturbance caused by DIY.

Keep the volume of TV, radio and music as low as possible, especially late at night. If you want to turn the volume up, use headphones (but be careful not to deafen yourself!).

If you have an old or faulty burglar alarm, replace it with one complying to EU standard

If you have a party, tell your neighbours in advance, and keep the noise to a minimum.

 Is your dog barking to much when left on its own?

How to minimise noise from your vehicle:

Avoid slamming car doors

Do not rev the engine unnecessarily

Use the horn only in an emergency

Carry out noisy repairs during the day

Keep the vehicle’s silencer in good order

Service the vehicle regularly

Keep the volume of the vehicle radio/cassette player at reasonable level– if it is too loud you could harm your hearing and reduce safety as well as disturb and annoy others


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