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 “NASoM”, is an independent, apolitical, non-profit, voluntary & legal, entity and has no shareholders. 


However, the Association has members who uphold its vision as underlined in the statute.

The members are important for an Association, although they would not necessarily have a bearing on its' success.  Nevertheless, members have a financial and moral relevance that would sustain the Association to accomplish its goals.

The Association concede that membership is mostly sought by the members for one of two reasons. Either, for the immediate assistance from noise nuisance, or because the individual seeks the right to the quite enjoyment of his property or his immediate surroundings

Regarding the first, we are proud that we give assistance to hundreds of non-members each year.

We do not begrudge this assistance but we feel that those who benefited from our support could respond in kind.

Therefore, we hope that with the addition of this portal we will achieve better communication and therefore a better understanding to what we wish to achieve.


Your support is our means to resolve your problems.


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