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Talk to your Neighbour

    Approaching your neighbour


Noise is normally thought of as unwanted sound. It could be too loud or just happen at the wrong time or without warning. If you are concerned about noise coming from a neighbour’s home, a local business, vehicles or equipment in the street, often the best way to deal with the problem is to go to the source.

Think about talking to the person or company responsible for the noise and explaining the problem. You may find that they do not know they are disturbing you. Remember, we may all be guilty of making noise at some time without knowing it.



Talking to your neighbour

It is important to approach your neighbour as soon as possible before the problem gets out of control. Many problems can be dealt with in a friendly way, without the need for further action.

You may be nervous about approaching your neighbour, but remember that they may not know that they are the source of a problem. Often they will be embarrassed about the nuisance they have been causing and will be more considerate in future. Before you approach your neighbour, plan what you are going to say. Keep calm and be pleasant – then they will be more likely to respond positively to your complaint.

Never approach your neighbour when the noise is actually happening. You are more likely to be angry and have an argument with them.


If it is late at night and your neighbour is playing music loudly or having a party, they may have been drinking alcohol. If this is the case,  they are less likely to understand your point of view and may think you are just trying to spoil their fun.


If your neighbour is not willing to find an amicable solution and you wish to make an official complaint you need to prepare a report. 

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